Our Donors

A broad base of support from our community is vital to our success and any and every gift is valued at The Givens Foundation for African American Literature. The contributions of these donors to build a world where the Black experience and communities of color are central to the sharing of story in all its forms. We gratefully acknowledge donations and in-kind gifts received by the following individuals and businesses given during July 1, 2022-July 1, 2023.


Minnesota State Arts Board


The Metropolitan Regional Arts Council


The Edward J. Phillips Foundation


Artspace Projects, Inc.

The Minneapolis Foundation


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota

J. E. Dunn Construction Company


The ADS Group Randy’s Booth Stamp Connect


3-P Solutions Group, Inc.

Alliant Consulting

The Minnesota Vikings

Words At Work


Hennepin Healthcare S/BES




Gary B. and Patricia A. Sauer

$500 – $1,199

$500 – $1,199

Kathleen Blatz Deborah Hopp Constance Osterbaan-Milligan
Dena Louise Milligan
Herman J. Milligan, Jr.
Virginia Pierrepont Fred Senn Stella West


$5 – $499

Carolyn Aberman, Stuart Ackerberg, Josh Blanc, Kalisha Buckhanon, Pamela F. Canning, Michael J. Crosby, Linda and Mike Fiterman, James Forman, Carolyn Bailey-Sudduth, Beth Bowman, Sharanne & Tony Calabrese,Robert and Kimberly Colbert, Mary Conklin, Steven Conklin
Richard Copland, Judith and Dick Corson, Rafiki Cov, Coventry Cowans and Ms. Christina Fontanarosa Temit Dani, Jessica Ellickson, Mike Finkelstein, Linda and Mike Fiterman, Susan E K Foster, Mary Franklin Ian Friendly, William Gabler, Roxanne Givens, Tara Gregg, Fred Harris and Archie F. Harris, Judith Leaf, Harris William , A. Haug, Martha Henderson, Valerie Hickman, Carla-Elaine Johnson, Danielle Johnson , Josie Johnson, Dr. Martin and Carol Kaplan, Holly Kurtz, Cliff and Susan Lake, Kristal Lana, Chris Larson, Keith Lee, John Levy, Susan Lieberman, Kelley Lindquist, Mary Lofgren, Harvey B. Mackay, Elizabeth L. Martens, Kay Martin, Richard Martin Marsha McDonald, Kathleen Meinhardt, Alan and Diane Miller, Quentin Moore, Joseph Murray, Aster Nebro, Sarah Oquist, Nancy Paul,Fernando Pereira, Charmaine Porter, Barbara Portnoy, Fiona Quick, James Rustad, Charles Shafer, Colleen Sheehy, Rekhet Si-Asar, Amy Silverman, Revocable Trust, Ricky and Nancy Solum, Jerry Sovell, Vanessa M. Stephens Mary Suilmann, The Fulton Group, LLC, Mary Trondson, Edward Vogel, Jeremy Waldman, Whitney Foundation
Jerry Wilson, Lauren Young, Paul and Debra Zisla.