The Pohlad Family Foundation has awarded The Givens Foundation a $10,000 challenge grant, to match contributions from new and nearly new donors (those who haven’t given in the last 3 years). We have until the end of October to raise the $10,000. So if you haven’t donated before and are thinking about it, now's a great time, because your contribution will be matched, whether you make a one-time gift or — even better — become a monthly donor.

Sincere thanks to the Pohlad Family Foundation for this show of support for The Givens Foundation’s fundraising efforts, and to all of you who help us reach the goal.


You’re invited to take a leadership role in our work advancing cultural understanding and learning. Your monthly gifts will help shape a cultural landscape where the black experience and communities of color are central to the sharing of story in all its forms.

Supporting Givens Foundation

Your monthly support is especially important to the Givens Foundation because it provides us with a steady and predictable source of income at a much lower cost than other fund-raising methods. Your funds are put to work immediately to support innovative community programs and educational initiatives.

WITH YOUR HELP our impact grows

A monthly pledge of $15 can provide a class room with books from diverse authors.

  • A larger pledge of $35 can provide a culturally responsive artist-led literary residency, bringing black writers and storytellers into the classroom to inspire students creativity and love for reading and writing.
  • A more generous pledge of $50 can provide schools with culturally responsive literary arts teacher training, lesson plans and activity guides.

Every dollar donated by our friends who make a monthly gift helps us build a world where all people see themselves reflected in the creation and enjoyment of literature and art.

When you make a monthly donation you’re assured that your regular contributions are constantly working, day in and day out, to inspire a passion for African American literature and writers.

Benefits of monthly giving to our supporters:

  • Monthly gifts go further to help even more writers and readers
  • The ability to increase, decrease or cancel your pledge whenever you wish
  • Donor status, as part of a select group of generous individuals who are helping to build literary community
  • An annual statement to assist in tax preparation
  • Limited mailings

Already a Monthly Donor?

For any questions involving your monthly gift, contact the Givens Foundation to manage your account.

  • Update your name or email address
  • Update your credit or debit card or bank account number
  • Upgrade your monthly gift amount
  • Request change of payment date, to cancel or to skip a payment
  • Review your monthly transactions history
  • You have two easy options to help us meet the Givens Challenge Grant Drive goal:
    • Option 1: Ask a friend to join you as a monthly donor . Their first month's gift is eligible for the 1:1 match from the Challenge Grant. This is the quickest way to triple your gift.
    • Option 2: If you have 5 minutes, your monthly gift can triple, quadruple or more. Start a fundraising page, and every gift from a new donor you raise earns a 1:1 match from the Challenge Grant.

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For any questions involving your monthly gift, contact or 952-831-2555.