Our Donors

A broad base of support from our community is vital to our success and any and every gift is valued at The Givens Foundation. The contributions of these donors to build a world where the Black experience and communities of color are central to the sharing of story in all its forms. We gratefully acknowledge donations and in-kind gifts received by the following individuals and businesses given during the calendar years 2014 & 2015.


$50,000 - $25,000

General Mills Foundation

Minnesota State Arts Board

Target Foundation

The McKnight Foundation


$24,999 - $10,000

James and Donna Pohlad

The Jerome Foundation

Jostens Foundation

Leslye Phillips Family Foundation

Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation


$9,999 - $5,000

Edward J. Phillips Family Foundation

Irma Johnson

Lawrence Hendrickson


$4,999 - $1,200

David Koch

Walter Broich

Stinson Leonard Street

Delta Dental of MN

K Foundation

Andy and Cass Stillman

Thomas Nelson

John and Page Cowles

Steven Walker

United Way

Richard & Diane Cohen


$1,199 - $500

Alfred Coleman

Alvin and Carol Stafford

Ann Thompson

Dan Schultz

Kevin Filter

Legacy Management & Development Corp

Leo Furcht

Leonard Lome

Minneapolis Foundation

MN Timberwolves

Philip Pillsbury, Jr

Tana Hargest

University of Minnesota Libraries

Howard Weiner

Western Bank

Wheelock Whitney

Zelle LLP

University of Minnesota Friends of the Libraries

Barbara Shin

Fred Senn

Minneapolis Jewish Federation

Pat Fallon

Paul Ravich

The Fulton Group

Scott and Kerry Bader

Anthony Sanneh

Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Cameron Gainer

Connie Osterbaan-Milligan

Deneen Law

Fred and Archie Harris

James and Sally Beloff

Joel and Nicole Kunza

Marilyn Horowitz

Matt and Marybeth Blair

Phileona Foundation

Terry Lewis

Toni Gerard

William Skolnick

Linda Molitor


$499 - $50

Arleta Little 

Marc Grossfield

Morton and Halina Naiman

Janice Sarah Hope

Mark Simon

Marvin Engber

Stephen Lieberman

Jean Fountain

Adepero Mettabel Okulaja

Beth Bowman

Bruce Birkeland

Carl and Rebecca Riley

David Nassif

Don McConnell


Gary Stone

Howard G. Stacker

Jacob Goldenberg

James and Lynn Carlson Schell

James Forman

Joel and Mary Ann Elftmann

Manchester Companies

Mpls St. Paul Girlfriends, Inc

Pompey Stafford

Carl and Rebecca Riley

Ronson Stafford


SeilerSchindel PLLC

Shirley Gordon

Soar Foundation

Saint Paul Foundation

Stan Long

Ted Risdall

Toni D. Green

Zamansky Professional Association

Herman Milligan, Jr.

Heather Palmer

Joel and Mary Lee Jennings

Lance Moore

Lewis Rotman

Robert and Kimberly Colbert

Sally French

Harold Roitenberg

Spinario Antiques

Colette Jaffe

Dena Milligan

Ellyn and Mick Wolfeson-Belzer

Robyn Sims

Tawanna Black

Matthew and Christine Winston

Ash Mex LLC

Dixon Golf, Inc.

Allen Caplan

Ameriprise Financial

Anura Si-Asar

Asher Garzy

Bill and Claire Johnson

Charles Crutchfield

Cherryhomes-Tyler, LLC

Chris Fischbach

D.D. andR.C. Spatz

Dobra Hunegs

Elaine and Lary May

Garry Lowenthal

Gary Johnson

James Carter

James Rustad

James Tankenoff

Jeri Meshbesher

Jerry and Kay Martin

Jerry Wilson

John and Leslie Garner

John Blomquist

Jon and Marcia Pankake

Joseph Richardson

June Moore and David Hamlar

Lainie Gentile

Lowell and Debra Stortz

Luis and Inell Rosario

Marjorie E Johnson

Mark and Hawona Janzen

Marshall and Shirley Besikof

Mary K. Tambornino

Maurice J . Rhodes

Milton Harrison

Mona Rath

Patrick and Diana Lamb

Quincy Lewis

Reatha Clark King

Robert and Estelle Stillman

Robert Lyle

Robert Timperley

Robert Whitlock and Margaret Weber

Rodney Dean Lyle, Sr.

Rosemary Munsey

Sheldon Litman

Steven Schachtman Revocable Trust

Thomas and Marlene Shaughnessy

Tom Trow

Toni Randolph

Vanessa M Stephens

Walter Gray

William and Joan Tobin

William and Willie Mae Wilson

William Haug

Benevity Community Impact Fund

Debra J. Stone

Miriam & Erwin Kelen

Thomas Shiah

Gaianne Joquin

Kevin Yang

Maya Weisinger

Rose Brewer

Barbara Milon

Bonnie Davidson Few

Catherine Jordan Living Trust

Colette Chaput

Colnese Hendon

Deborah H. Isabelle

Denny Magers

Diane Dee Dempsey

Edie French

Gary and Susan Rappaport

Howard Chanen

iDream TV

Jaclyn Grossfield

Jacqueline Paster

Janis Lane-Ewart

John and Leah Dahl

Julie Knight

Leonel Anthony Lemaire

Linda Cobb Family

Linda Sklar

Maj Herman Few

Marvin Anderson

Mary Oberg

Parrel Caplan

Reva Rosenbloom

Richard Jefferson and Alice Johnson

Rick S Rivkin

Robert and Karen Copeland

Robert Silberman

Roberta Jones

Sara Roberson

Shirvalen Crowley

Stephen Boland

Stephen Winnick

Tommie and Julie Braddock

Zoe Dwye


$49 - $10

Brady Lee Hitman

Stephanie Weiss

Marilyn Goodman

Patricia Marcroft

Allan and Idy Garvis

Allen and Marcia Oleisky

Susan Hoffman

Anedith J Nash

Barbara Owens

Ellen F. Stanley

Ezra Hyland

M.B.and Carole Kaplan

M.R. Brooks

Nola Richmond

Peter Pearson

Ricki Roberts

Robert A. Stein

Rochelle Stillman

Sarah Louise French

Anne C. Carter

Jacqueline deVries

Jason Benesh

Mimi Jennings

Barbara Panser

Carolyn Holbrook

Cecily Marcus

Eva Barr

Kaayla Chones

Neal Gendler and Marjorie Wasserman

Keyana Scales

Joan Levinsohn

Yasmin Odowa

Joseph Walters

Florence Brammer

Jareesa Tucker

Robin Rozanski

Gary Bush

Candis McKelvy

Nieeta Presley

Paige Dansinger

Reggie Evans

Suzanne Raz