Are you up for the challenge?

On the heels of the success of our fall 2015 season, The Givens Foundation has received a new momentum booster.

The Pohlad Family Foundation has awarded The Givens Foundation a $10,000 challenge grant, to match contributions from new and nearly new donors (those who haven’t given in the last 3 years). We have until the end of October to raise the $10,000. So if you haven’t donated before and are thinking about it, now's a great time, because your contribution will be matched, whether you make a one-time gift or — even better — become a monthly donor.

Sincere thanks to The Pohlad Family Foundation for this show of support for The Givens Foundation’s fundraising efforts, and to all of you who help us reach the goal.




New Donors

During the Challenge Drive all donations from new donors will be doubled. Make a gift of $50, and your contribution will be matched with an additional $50 —making a total of $100 available to provide free writing workshops for teens and adults.

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Current Donors

Are you already a Givens supporter? You can make a big impact. Make a gift of $50 and bring along a new Givens donor for another gift of $50, and the Challenge Grant will add $50 to the mix — making a total of $150 available to provide free writing workshops and bring diverse books to classrooms.

You have two easy options to help us meet the Challenge Drive goal:

Option 1: Make a donation, ask a friend to donate the same amount or more. This is the quickest way to triple your gift.

Option 2: If you have 5 minutes, your gift can triple, quadruple or more. Start a fundraising page, make a donation, and every gift from a new donor you raise earns a 1:1 match from the Challenge Grant.   


Prefer to donate with a check? Our mailing address is:

The Givens Foundation for African American Literature

2822 Lyndale Avenue South

Minneapolis, MN 55408


Spread the Word

Now help us spread the word. Let others know you support the Givens Foundation. Remember to use the hashtags #SupportGivens and #GivensChallenge.


For any questions involving your gift, contact or 952-831-2555.

Donations to the Givens Foundation are tax-deductible in the U.S.