Please, let it be a bear costume.

Our Executive Director, Tana Hargest will be dressed as an animal at some point today. It is entirely within your control if she wears an animal costume for 2 hours or for 12 hours. As you may be well aware, it's Give to the Max Day, the day of fundraising/harassment for all of MN. When The Givens Foundation for African American Literature reaches $3000 in donations, Tana will head over to the costume shop. Donate $1000, and you get to pick the costume (please pick bear). When we reach $5000, we'll make a cute video. If you donate $2500, Tana will come visit you at your office, and she'll bring you donuts and a copy of our Black Book selection for November, Loving Day by Mat Johnson, who will be reading tomorrow at Cowles Auditorium. When we reach $10,000, we'll invite you all to join us for a celebratory drink. Tana will be easy to spot. She'll be the lady in the (hopefully) bear costume. We're at $1900 of our $10,000 goal. Make your donation now at